FX64 Linux is a Fedora 22 based distro. Google Chrome, Java IcedTea, Adobe Flash Player, Skype & RAR preinstalled. Hand picked essential system, office, multimedia and internet applications. Updates directly from the official Fedora, RPM Fusion and Adobe repositories. Comes with Gnome, Cinnamon and Fluxbox. Thousands of free applications for every need directly from the open source community. Clean, lean and feature rich FREE AS IN BEER experience!

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fx64 F22 is distributed as a live cd with install to hd option.

| DOWNLOAD FX64 F22 x86_64 | sha1sum fx64_f22_x86_64.iso   924aefff562961836aace30060aab48d6f817a31    

| DOWNLOAD FX64 F22 i386 | sha1sum fx64_f22_i386.iso   d07f2733d0c6d3bc9b6ae8635feefbf735496afa    

Accessories accessories.jpgArchive Manager tar, gzip, bzip2, zip, unzip, p7zip, winrar, unrar, unace.
Calculator, Character Map, Clocs, Contacts, Disk Info, Font Viewer, Gedit, Help, Keepassx, Screenshot, Gnome Tweak Tool.
Graphics graphics.jpgEvince Document Viewer, Gimp, Image Viewer, Shotwell Photo Manager, Simple Scan.
Internet internet.jpgGoogle Chrome, Firefox, Adobe Flash, NoScript, AdblockPlus.
Deluge, Filezilla, Skype, Pidgin, Putty, RDP Viewer, Thunderbird, Xchat.
Office office.jpgLibre Office 3Calc, Impress and Writer.
Sound & Video soundvideo.jpgAcetoneiso2, Audacious, Audacity, Avidemux, Brasero Disk Burner, Cheese Webcam Booth, Devede DVD/CD Creator, DVD95, DVD::RIP, Gnome Mplayer, K3B Disk Burner, Streamtuner2, VLC, Xine, FAAD2, FFMPEG, Lame, Twolame, nrg2iso, ImageMagic.
System Tools systools.jpgDisk Toolsdd_rescue, ddrescue, dosfstools, ntfs-3g, ntfsprogs, fsarchiver, parted, partimage, testdisk, gparted, chntpw.
Automatic Bug Reporting Tool, Disk Usage Analyzer, Gparted, Nepomuk Backup, SeLinux Troubleshooting Tool, Software Management, System Log, System Settings, Gnome Terminal, Xterm, Yumex.

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